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Ambush’s Debut MV on Pepsi MTV Indies

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Ambush, from the small town of Diphu, are going to release their debut music video ‘Bleeding Anglong’ on Pepsi MTV Indies. Filmed on zero budget, the band with the help of Arilong Kichu and Menang Jamir managed to make an interesting video. All the logistics were taken care of  by the band’s PPFs (promoter producer friends) Sar Sarim Tisso and Sarbong Tokbi. VNe finds out more about the music video, days before the release –

Why did Ambush choose ‘Bleeding Anglong’ for their debut video?

As this is the band’s first original as well as our favorite track, we chose this for the video. Bleeding Anglong literally means ‘bleeding hills’. This song is about how  once a beautiful and peaceful district of Assam in Northeast India ‘Karbi Anglong’ turns into ‘Bleeding Anglong’ with the help of our glorious leaders who allow the government to suppress our freedom letting our people go through starvation, torture, fake encounter, rape in the name of AFSPA.

What obstacles did you face during shooting ?

The challenge that we faced was clearing the set. It was more like a live gig for us as the entire village came down to watch us shoot. It took us 2 hours to clear the set. Thanks to the young guys who volunteered to help us while shooting.

How was the experience?

It was fun and laid back as we don’t have to do any speaking lines. Risim Rongpi, the vocalist of the band was just doing the lip sync and the other members were acting and having fun with their gears in the background. It was so interesting learning how it all works and seeing how an actual video is made, we were just starting to feel ‘This is actually real. We will be on screen!’

Are there any more videos in the pipeline?

Yes, we are planning to release one more video by the end of this year

What is Ambush working on now?

We are working on a couple of new songs with our new drummer and planning to hit the studio by next month.

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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