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Sickflip in Cherrapunji

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Sarvesh Shrivastava who performs under the alias Sickflip has a unique way of creating groovy music that is often a prelude to foot tapping beats. Unique samples coupled with synths and underlying bass will make you want to dance all night long. He has released his tracks worldwide with record labels such as High Chai Records (US), Rub A Duck Recordings (Netherlands), Plain Dope Records (UK) & Sony Music (India). Sickflip’s got everyone flippin’ over his live sets in the most famous hot spots like Terra Maaya (Guwahati), Raasta (HKV, Delhi), S- Cafe (Chandigarh), Bonobo (Mumbai) and many more. Also having performed at India’s most popular electronic music festivals like Akampa Festival (Tawang), Sunburn Festival, Enchanted Valley Carnival, Vasundhara Festival & NH7 Weekender, this 24-year-old music prodigy is a force to be reckoned with.

The best thing about Sarvesh’s music is the quality of his music that speaks honestly about his perpetual pursuit of adventure. The Ladakh Project EP which was released in 2014 was a product of basking under the glorious sun on top of a hill with his laptop, overlooking the cold white desert and mountains, sharing perspectives with locals and monks at the monastery in Leh, Ladakh. After churning out 4 EPs in the past, Sickflip’s extreme case of wanderlust kicked in again and this time he found his office space in the abode of clouds, Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. Rudy Marak finds out more –

Sickflip cherra

Tell us about your experience in Cherrapunji

I had a show in Chandigarh after which I booked my return to the Northeast wanting to escape Bombay’s grime and heat. Instantly after a short transit in Shillong, I made my way to Cherrapunji, a place I always wanted to visit and write music. I spent about 10 days there, walking around, breathing in the freshness, enjoying surreal views, all of which added fuel to my fire for writing some new music. I’d wake up super early, enjoy a great view with my breakfast + chai, work on music at my accommodation till I’d feel saturated and take a long walk to new places in and around Cherrapunji as a break, hang out with some friends I made there and watch the sunset with them and go to bed super early too. That was my (refreshing) life for about a week there.

Any overall theme of mood that you’ve tried to capture while writing music?

I actually just wrote music that came to me very organically instead of trying to emote a particular theme/mood this time.


Any one memory of Meghalaya/Cherrapunji that elevated/accentuated your creative process?

Tough to lockdown on one really, but what comes to mind is an amalgamation of a bunch of things that accentuated my creativity in those 10 days. 15 degrees Celsius rain kissed mornings, fast clouds passing at ground level and sometimes entering my room from the windows, sipping the tastiest masala chai, looking at the Seven Sisters Falls which is such an impeccable view, walking around town amongst dense lush greens and breathing in the freshest air.

Tell me about the forthcoming EP. When are you planning to release it?

I am hoping for it to be a full length album this time which comprises of some of my old unreleased productions as well as some of the ones I’ve written recently. Planning to release it this year, sometime very soon.

If you were to describe the overall ‘feel’ of your EP in one word, what would that be?


Rudy Marak is a freelance writer based in Guwahati


  1. I am simply astonished to read such a marvellous interview of an upcoming
    electronic musician, Sarvesh Shrivastava . He is not a dreamer but a
    down to earth creative, innovative and
    adventurous musician who has already created a space for himself in
    the coming of creative and adventurous musicians in the world. He has already released some of his
    creations worldwide and yet many
    more are waiting to be released. He is
    a silent , unassuming , dedicated worker with clear vision and goal to
    achieve. No doubt he has yet miles to
    go but he is bound to get all desired
    success in his goal and ventures and
    due honours in the world of creative music. I wish him all the best in life.

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