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Squarez Attached

A Song for the Girl Child

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Squarez Attached is a Delhi based rock band. The name ‘Squarez Attached’ is an expression of ‘unity’. Their sound is a mixture of indie, alternate and hard rock with elements of 70s and 80s rock music. Their latest single ‘Jeene Do’ is a Hindi track dedicated to the girl child.

Tell us a little about the band members

The band members are all from different parts of Northeast India except for Nawin who is from Darjeeling. Neel Bhuyan(vocals and lyricist) is from Guwahati. He is a versatile singer and songwriter who adds a lot of  depth to the sound of the band. Priyanka Nongkhlaw (vocals and lyricist) is from Shillong. Extremely passionate about music, her style is a bit of rock and soul. Gaurav Bhuyan (guitars) is from Guwahati. He has a passion for composing and arranging music. He believes in originality. Joydeep Singh (guitars) is also from Guwahati. His passion and unique style of playing adds to the uniqueness of the band. Nawin Rai (drums/percussion) is from Darjeeling. He is skilled in playing the drums and believes in simplicity. Aazaak Yanger Longjaa (bass) is from Nagaland. He has a lot of experience in the music field and has a great knowledge of sound as well.

The band is influenced by bands like Foo Fighters, Paramore, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, AR Rahman, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Mr Big and many more.

How was the band formed?

The band was formed in early August 2012. It was Gaurav’s idea, he brought together Joydeep, Priyanka and Neel (brother).We started off with casual jams which led to making originals. Gaurav then decided to make it real; we welcomed Nawin and Yangeron, and were later joined by Nawin Rai and Aazaak Yanger.

How did ‘Jeene Do’ came to be?

One fine evening, Gaurav arranged and composed a tune on the guitar. After listening to the tune, Neel wrote the song on the ‘girl child/women’ in India and named it ‘Jeene Do’. The song was then recorded with the rest of the guys by Anindo Bose at Plug and Play Studio, Delhi.

A friend of ours informed us about ‘Let Her Live’ and their vision. It is a Delhi based campaign/program to restore the dignity and equality of women and girl child in our nation.’Let Her Live’ collaborated with the band to make the video. It was released by Pepsi MTV Indies on 19th June 2016.

You are an English Rock band, yet you decided to sing the song in Hindi. Why so?

‘Jeene Do’ is a song about encouraging girls/women in India to live their dreams and reach their full potential. We wanted this message to be clearly understood by each and every listener. Hindi being the national language is the most spoken language in India, so to reach out to larger masses, we chose Hindi over English. ‘Jeene Do’ is a positive song with lots of hope and love.

As the members are from different places, do differences pop up while making music?

All the members are from different parts of East India. Differences do pop up, but we love each other and what we do(profession/dream), too much, to make a big deal out of it. Things work out eventually for the better.

Upcoming plans?

We are working on our debut English album, we’ve hit the studio already and hopefully it will be done by 2017. We will also be hitting the stage soon for the promotion of ‘Jeene Do’.

Photo credit : Prabal Deep

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