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What’s Next for Kronik 969?

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Aakash, better known as Kronik 969, has come out with a new rap song titled ‘Taaqat’. Usually he sings in English, but this time he chose to sing a Hindi song with inspirational lyrics. VNe talks with the rapper from Delhi to know about his latest track and his upcoming activities.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you begin your journey?

I love music, passionate about it and grateful that music gave me my real identity i.e. Kronik 969. I started listening to music in 2006, now that’s like when I was about 18, but it was not too late as that year I came across hip hop songs with which I could relate to. I was sure of one thing, if there is one thing which can help me portray who I am, it is hip hop. I never looked back or stopped since then.

What is the story behind your stage name ‘The Kronik 969’?

This name came up as silly talk that turned into a serious matter of belief and faith, I was basically talking to a friend about my personality and moods. Kronik relates to how my life has been and what times I’ve been through and 969 came up as an unusual balance between the good and evil.

You music has always been dark in nature. Why?

My music is a reflection of my life, what all happens with me, what all I go through, how I tackle situations, whether I win or lose to the challenges I face.

Mostly my music has a dark side to it, I agree, as I have struggled through the darkness for many years to find one single ray of light. And I have learned one thing, that darkness is necessary to understand the importance of light. Good-Evil, Darkness-Light, yes, these are related to a very broad extent.

What is your latest track ‘Taaqat’ about?

My latest track ‘Taaqat’ talks about the strength and power which we have within us to overcome the adversities we face in our lives. It is a motivational aggressive banger to pump up the listeners and make them realize that we all can do what we set our minds to do, if we believe in ourselves and give our best.

When you started off, you were singing in English, now you are singing in Hindi as well. Why the change?

I still work more on English songs than Hindi ones, but yes, the change came after years of experience that if I want more people to listen to my work, I must also make songs in Hindi which can be easily understood by all and they will also relate to the songs more than they do with the English ones. No point denying that people still prefer Hindi over English anytime here in India when it comes to music or anything else usually. I myself feel a different vibe when I’m writing n recording in Hindi, I’m happy for this inclusion to my arsenal. So, I will be working in both languages now.

You are coming out with singles and mix tapes so often but you are not performing live, what is the reason?

From next year I will definitely perform a lot as I am focusing and preparing myself for shows. I’m happy to let all know that from the beginning of next year or maybe even before that people will see me perform a lot for them and for the love of hip hop. Yes, I’ve not performed much but no excuses now. I need all the support and love from you all.

What’s next?

There will be regular videos and audios from me and apart from that as I have promised I will be performing live.

Thank you Vibes Northeast for giving me an honour by featuring me in the interview. I am really grateful to you guys as it will help me and my music to reach out to more people.

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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