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Safe and Sound Release Their Third Single

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Safe and Sound is a four piece indie rock band from Tura, Meghalaya. On vocals is Cheringra Ch Marak, a 20-year-old and well known solo artist who has a strong high-pitched vocal cord. Pangsrang Marak is on guitar/vocal and a former member of the Hard Rock Band (Eye 2 Eye). He won numerous Best Guitarist titles in music fests across the region. Sandy Momin is on bass/vocals, he won the title of Best Bassist in Battle Rock 6 which is one of the most recognized rock competitions in Tura. Lastly, Torak Benjamin Sangma is the talent on drums. Together, they form Safe and Sound. The band has an interesting sound and their relatable lyrics makes it easy for listeners to connect to them. They are releasing their third single ‘Freedom’ today.

How was the band formed?

It all started in the summer of 2013 when our guitarist Pangsrang was introduced to our bassist Sandy. They had similar tastes in music and they started jamming. Later Torak Benjamin joined the band as the drummer, he had played with us together in our local church during our school days. Initially, the band was formed with three members, and a little later, a young lady named Amakatchi Ch Marak joined the band and gave the band some much needed attention by winning several competitions. Unfortunately, she could not continue with the band, because of certain reasons but her cousin Cheringra Ch Marak, took over and is the current vocalist of the band.

What is ‘Freedom’ about?

‘Freedom’ is all about peace, change, harmony and prosperity. The song tries to remind people to work together to regain peace and the ability to live ‘freely’.

How long have you been working on this single?

Freedom was composed and written by Pangsrang Marak in 2014. We have played this song in a couple of gigs and people loved it. So we planned to record this song as a single. It took us a couple of weeks to complete this song and we will be releasing on 20th July 2016.

Your third single is out, do you plan to release an EP or album soon?

Yes, we are looking forward to release an album as soon as possible. We still have another new song called ‘Time Machine’ to be recorded after the release of ‘Freedom’.

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