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Meet the Band ‘Fame’

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Formed in Tura, the band is made up of Mikkimra Shira (guitars), Mark Shira (drums), Tengsam Momin (bass) and Fame Sangma (vocals). In its three year existence, this alternative/pop rock band kicked started their journey by contesting at the Battle Rock VI in Tura in 2013. Winning the third place for ‘The Best Original Song’ and ‘Best Vocalist’, they further went on to perform at The Ahaia Winter Festival (2013 and 2015), The ‘Songs and Dances of the North East Festival’, Delhi (2015) and The Hornbill International Music Festival and Rock Contest, Kohima (2015) where FTB bagged ‘The Best Potential Band’.

This young band has released four original singles so far – Like The Stars, Over And Out, We Need and Just This Smile. Currently, they hope to make it to Top Five finalists from India are in Project Aloftstar 2016, amplified by MTV for their latest single, ‘Just This Smile’. This Singer-Song writing competition will select Top 5 entries each from Southeast Asia, Greater China, India and Korea. The finale will be held mid-September. FTB is also on the running towards winning in the season 2 of Sennheiser Top 50 Battle.

Read on to discover more about Fame’s thoughts on being a musician.

 Why do you think you all work so well together?

We have known each other all our lives. Everyone had something to do with music. It wasn’t until each one opened up to being themselves, like putting their own efforts in making a song or whatever.

How do you think the band has grown since you first formed?

We’re obviously more of a team now. It’s been three years and we’re all happy with each other. We’ve come to understand more how we function individually and we think the four of us are ready to go on making music together in the future

What are the main challenges as musicians? What kind of support do you seek from friends, family and the society in Tura?

Tura as a society is just starting to see what music is capable of. Most people still do not support anyone who wants to go full time with music. They still cannot trust the profession. Friends are always supportive, of course. They want to see us doing what we do on the biggest of stages. We have them to look to when we feel there’s no one else rooting for us. Family is different. They support but also with caution. They’ve seen too many people fail trying in different fields I guess and music as a profession is something which they feel is difficult to be successful in. But I guess when you’re actually on the road to living your dream, nothing can really stop you. I feel we’re on our way, so nothing should stop us too.

Favourite place to perform

Well, because we love performing, we love doing it anywhere. Whether it’s a big festival with a big stage, or cafes, or in the streets, or weddings, you name it!

At the end of the day, what do you hope listeners take away from your music?

Like every artist, we hope people accept our music as it is. But i guess it would be nice to know people can actually relate to some of our lyrics and maybe feel good whenever they listen to it.

Where do you see the band in 10 or 20 years?

We have dreams as a band and also individually, 10 years is a long time. Anything can happen. But it’s safe to say if all goes well we’ll still be together making music and having a good time in 10 years. Hopefully, the music scene will be bigger then, with more opportunities and support from everyone.

Can you describe your song writing/recording process?

The song writing process is not easy to explain because it’s never a consistent method. There is no method. Songs just happen out of the blue and it has to be worked on at that moment or the song may be gone forever. They are easily forgotten once the phase or moment is passed.

Fame The Band is currently working on more singles. To find out more follow the links below:






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