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The Warehouse Project

The Warehouse Project’s Song on Kokrajhar Riots

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Four different people from different parts of the country have formed a band called ‘The Warehouse Project’ which is based in Bangalore. Kishore is the vocalist, hailing from a small town of Kokrajhar, Assam. He is also a 3D animator. The guitarist, Tushar is a software engineer from Nagpur. Souptik, the bassist from Kolkata, is pursuing his graduation in media studies. Akash Gohain, the drummer, is also from Guwahati.

How and when was ‘The Warehouse Project’ formed?

The Warehouse Project started in 2013. Kishore (Vocalist) and Akash (Drummer) are childhood friends  but were in different bands in college days. In 2013, they came together and formed ‘The Warehouse Project’. At that time, they were joined by former members Reetumoni Singha on drums and Gitu Hazarika on bass. But job and career growth forced them to move out of Bangalore and the line-up changed. Tushar and Souptik came into the picture after we shared posts on social media that we needed new band members. We started to connect very well and here we are now.

Tell us a little about your latest single ‘Heal The Pain’?

The song is written and composed by Kishore. It is about the Assam tragedy of 2012 in Kokrajhar where hundreds of people were killed and thousands became homeless. Communal riots and terror attacks made life unbearable for people. More than hundreds of villages were burnt and many people are still in relief camps with their broken dreams.

What made you write a song with a theme like this?

As Kishore is from Kokrajhar, and like everyone he is attached with his homeland. In 2012, the communal riots broke out in Kokrajhar. He went home and saw the grief that took over his land and his people, he couldn’t but write a song on it. This song is a small prayer for all the people who had lost their lives and for all who have gone through the sufferings.

What’s next for ‘The Warehouse Project’?

We are working on our debut album. The tracks ‘Discrimination’ and ‘Alone’ from the same album are going through the final phases of production. They will soon be available for download on all music retail platforms. We are also coming up with music videos for a couple of our songs.

The band just wants to spread peace and joy through our music. Let’s make this world beautiful with a common language called music. Once our album will be released, we also have a plan to tour across the country.


Can you feel the pain? Can you see the tears?

This old man is bleeding, children are crying.

Watch this bullet it might go through your head. Bloody flame will burn the house of dreams

So pray for them, pray for the soul

Heal the pain, heal the Dreams, heal the tears

Stop the trigger, Drop the trigger, drop the trigger.

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