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De Rock Cafe in Dibrugarh

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Dibrugarh town recently got a wonderful new cafe called De Rock Cafe where people can have awesome food and enjoy live music. It has also provided local upcoming artists a platform where they can showcase their talent. We speak with the owners, Prandeep and Pankaj, to know more about their experience and why they decided to make live music an important part of the cafe.

Pankaj and Prandeep
Pankaj and Prandeep

Please tell a little about yourselves.

Prandeep: I am Prandeep, and I am from Tinsukia. I spent most of my school days at Darjeeling. I love art and music. My love for art and tattoos served me well as I ended up being a tattoo artist. I have practiced this art for more than 5 years now. Basically u can say, I am a musician, a tattooist, a graphic designer and now a businessman too.

Pankaj: I am Pankaj, and interestingly I am half Telugu and half Assamese. I was born and brought up in Tinsukia. I pursued my college at Kolkata. I worked as a sub-contractor for the Government for a while. I am a big foodie. I overlook the food of the restaurant and I sing Assamese folk songs, mostly when I am two pegs down. (laughs)

How did it strike to you to open a cafe in Dibrugarh with live music?

Prandeep: It was always my dream to do something related to music and art. And what place could be better than a place like Dibrugarh where there is AMC (Assam Medical College), Dibrugarh University, and a bunch big of colleges and schools. Trust me, we just gave Dibrugarh what it needed.

Pankaj: The idea just popped out of nowhere, and since Prandeep always had that self-confidence, I got seriously involved as well. I always wanted to open up a restaurant of my own and with Prandeep’s ideas and skills in designing and planning, I was totally ready for this big step. I have seen the response, the support and the love for music.

A lot of effort has gone into the interiors of your cafe, tell us a little about it.

Prandeep: As I said earlier, I am into art. I always liked my things to be unique. I am a big fan of 80’s music, so the restaurant’s theme is orange and black with all posters and stuff related to 80’s rock music.

De Rock Cafe

Tell us about the youngsters who are performing at the cafe.

Prandeep: They are beyond good. There are bands named Meraki, Iron Daddy, Imperiyall and many more. I am sure we will be seeing more youngsters stepping up from their comfort zone to perform in public.

Pankaj: The response has been really good by the grace of God. The locals are supporting us a lot as it’s also the first live music venue cum restaurant in Upper Assam.

Apart from the music, tell us about the food of De Rock Cafe, what are the specialities?

Pankaj: We have the tastiest rolls and mocktails in town. We have 25 different kinds of rolls and 20 different mocktails. We are trying our best to make our food affordable to appeal to the youth of Dibrugarh. Apart from that, we also serve Indian, Tandoori and Chinese cuisine as part of our main course menu.

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