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Do’s and Don’ts at a Music Festival

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Seasoned festivals goers know exactly what they need to do in order to get the most of their festival experience and here we divulge some of well-kept secrets so that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself next time you are attending a music festival –

>>Always assign a place where you can wait in case you get lost or cannot find your friends. Most festivals are organized in outskirts where you cannot get through the phone so you need to know where you can re-group in case one of you guys get left behind.

>>If you plan on camping out then you need to have a fully charged power bank in your bag that will help keep your phone charged even when you cannot find a charging point.

>>Don’t go overboard with the aerated drinks, always make you sure that you are hydrated otherwise you may not end up waking up too happy the next morning.

>>Don’t wear high heels or tight shoes, you should always wear footwear that is comfortable and airy.

>>Do remember to stuff your face with all different kinds of snacks, being hungry will make you cranky which will in turn not allow you to enjoy the festival and the music.

>>You are going to meet different kinds of people at the festival and if you interact politely, you may even end up making new friends which is always a good thing

Photo: NH7 Weekender Shillong by Himanshu Rohilla

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