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Antarix’s Second Single

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Antarix from Diphu recently released their second single ‘Teri Manzil’. We talk to the band comprising Vivek, Jiroy, Pritviraj and Harmon to know why they decided to sing in Hindi and about their journey so far.

Tell us a little about the band

Firstly, we would like to thank Vibes Northeast for taking an interest in our band. It is quite a long story as to how our band was formed. It was in the mid 2015 when Vivek Jha (vocal) met Jiroy Teron (bass) and Pritviraj Nunisa (drums) in a concert organized in Diphu of Karbi Anglong. Since, then we started exchanging ideas of creating and composing Hindi rock songs and decided to form a band. Harmon Kro (guitar) came into the picture and the band was formed.

Why is the story behind the name?

Sarkiri Tisso, who manages the band, came up with the name Antarix which literally means ‘the universe’. All the band members came with different ideas, nature and behaviour to work towards a common goal.  So, we can assume this world as the universe and ourselves as the celestial objects shinning from different corners visible from the Earth. Thus, we would like to make ourselves visible to the people and shine in the form of music. So we named our band as ‘Antarix’.

What is your second single about?

Right after the release of our first debut ‘Maa’ which was released just after Republic Day i.e. on 27th January, 2016, we started working on our new single ‘Teri Manzil’. The song released on Independence Day. ‘Teri Manzil is about one’s unique perception in achieving goals that has been set. No matter how hard it is to achieve, it is important  to carry on without listening to others who just dawdle and taunt.

The song is available for free download on their site

Why did you decide to sing in Hindi?

There is no any specific reason. In the Northeast, particularly in Assam, many indigenous bands have come forward in different tongues like English, Hindi, Assamese, Karbi etc with genres like rock, pop, metal. Their music touches the common people genuinely. Meaning that music has no boundaries or barriers. One can just sit down and listen to their favourite songs irrespective of the language. We believe that music is a complete pack of rhythms and beats that can change and refresh the mind. As Hindi is a national language, we feel proud of ourselves to sing in Hindi. In the Northeast, Hindi is spoken by all so we want more people to enjoy and connect with our music.

What are your songs about?

‘Maa’ is a story about a small boy searching for his mother who passed away. The boy remembers the memories of his mother, he feels lonely as the world is too big and he is all alone. No matter how much he waits for her to return, it’s all in vain. Antarix wants to give a message to those who have lost loved ones, that we shall learn to live and stand on our own feet to pay respect to them.

On the other hand, ‘Teri Manzil’ relates to one’s liberty to acquire the goal. In order to reach the destiny, one shall not give up on the dream or oneself. There may be a number of obstacles but we should learn to overcome them because the fruit of our hard work always remains constant.

Are you planning for any music video?

We are planning for a music video and we are soon going to start this project in the coming days. We hope that with the blessing and love of our fans, we will succeed in this too. We are hoping for the best.

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As told to Jadeed Hussain

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