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Rocky Glock

Homegrown Hip-Hop Artist Rocky Glock

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The 19-year-old, Guwahati born, rising hip hop artist, Rocky Glock has already compiled two mixtapes – ‘Rockywood’ in August 2015 and ‘Young Thrilled Desi’ in June 2016. He recently released his latest single called ‘DA CREW,’ produced by Harman Dhaliwal and directed by Ankan Sanuwar (A. Void).

The Music

Rocky Glock’s inspirations for his lyrics mainly comes from Guwahati’s vibes. He claims that he is not trying to change the world or tell people what to do through his music.  With no particular theme, Rocky expresses how he sees the world. His lyrics reflect his personal experiences.

His musical inspirations are Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Future, MGK, Tory Lanes, J.Cole, Travis Scott and Kanye West.

DA CREW by Rocky Glock

The Local Scene

Since getting introduced to hip hop culture by his cousins in high school, Rocky expresses that even with only a few artists who are active in the scene today, hip hop in the city is rapidly growing with time. Homegrown hip hop artists are like gems being unearthed. ‘The Northeast hip hop scene is truly diverse and creating its own identity.’

The Anticipated Collaboration

Keep a look out for the up-and-coming collaborative Fusion Hip Hop project called RAIN IN SAHARA, with Lain Heringman, Saurab Sikdar and Rocky Glock. Rocky promises fresh and creative mixes will soon be emerging out of this project.

By Rudy Marak, a freelance writer based in Northeast India

Check out his latest single –

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