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SPYRO on the Art of Beatboxing

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Dave Mahanta aka SPYRO has been beatboxing for five years now. This 18-year-old boy from Guwahati participated in Metropolis 2016 and The Great Northeastern Momo Festival.

What is Beatboxing?

SYPRO at MetropolisThe term “beatboxing” is derived from the mimicry of the first generation of drum machines, then known as beatboxes. “Human beatboxing” in hip-hop originated in the 1980s. Sometimes, modern beatboxers will use their hand or another part of their body to extend the spectrum of sound effects and rhythm.

Some have developed a technique that involves blowing and sucking air around their fingers to produce a very realistic record scratching noise, which is commonly known as the ‘crab scratch’. Another hand technique includes the ‘throat tap’ which involves the beatboxer tapping their fingers against their throat as they throat sing or hum.

Dave Mahanta’s Journey

At 14, he started making random sounds and learnt how to arrange those sounds and make music. He claims that the throat bass was the hardest to master. It even resulted in coughing out blood due to a lot of pressure forced on his throat. Still, he pursued beatboxing only after a year’s break.

His consistent unwavering devotion to practice helped Dave pick his skills up a notch. Dave’s favourite beatboxing sound is the Dubstep, Lip Roll and Flute Boxing. When he performs, he tries to create a dance environment for his audience. Dave enjoys the reactions he receives from people who have little or no knowledge about beatboxing.

This young and passionate artist believes there are many talented beatboxers in the Northeast and with a lot more hard work, each one of them can take this art forward. Dave is currently working on collaborative beatbox covers of some of the popular pop songs.

You can check out his work here

Words: Rudy Marak


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