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Song on Feminism by The Vinyl Records

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The girl gang ‘The Vinyl Records’ are back with a creative new music video about feminism called ‘Authority’ It is the first time they have come out with a lyric video. We speak to the talented girls to know more –

What is ‘Authority’ about?

Authority is about being a woman in a patriarchal society and how that affects our daily life.

Why did you girls choose to make a lyric video?

We had never done a lyric video before, so we thought why the hell not!

The video looks so different from your earlier videos, how much were you involved in the video making process?

Well, we sent most of the retro footage used in the video to Udit Mahar, the director. We also crowd sourced some of the pictures of women seen in the video. We’re quite happy with the video, Udit did a great job.

Do you think your music has evolved with time?

That’s up to the listeners to decide.

When is your album releasing? When will you be performing in the Northeast again?

We’re hoping that the album will be ready to release by next month. We’re also hoping to play in the Northeast very soon.

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