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Jokers Whoop performance

With Love from Joker’s Whoop

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Joker’s Whoop, a band from Guwahati but based in New Delhi, have come out with a beautiful music video for their single ‘Love’. The indie rock/synth pop band has been impressive with their work so far. Their sound is peppy and catchy. We chatted with the boys to know more about their music video and plans for the future –

All of you guys are from Assam and you formed the band here, but why are you based in New Delhi?

We’ve all been friends since we were kids. We went to the same school together. So, as friends we decided to form a band for our love of making music. And the next step was to relocate to a place with a bigger music scene which is why we decided to move to New Delhi.

What is the story behind the name – ‘Joker’s Whoop?

Well, ‘Joker’ was on our minds after various failed attempts to find a decent name. We just were looking for some to add to it to give it some weight and style and that came to us in the form of ‘Whoop’. There you have it, a joker’s cry of excitement.

What is your song ‘Love’ about?

Love was composed when we first moved to Delhi in October 2015. It tells about a situation where a guy asks a girl to let go of all the silly things that he did and to forgive him and come back to his life.

Why made you want to make a video?

When we play it, people really like it and sing to it. It has a simple catchy melody that they can sing along to. We also wanted to share a sweet love story in a video and we thought what could be a better song than ‘Love’.

How long did it take to shoot the video?

Amazingly, it took us less than 35 hours to shoot because of the team of Dreamz Eye Productions and our buddy Narottam Kar.

How would you describe the music scene of Delhi and the Northeast?

Northeast music scene has a good variety but very less platforms and events to perform at. But in Delhi, we think there are many events happening and many artists are getting booked which is not limited to DJs, Sufi music and cover bands. For bands like us and many more, we haven’t quite found a scene anywhere in India that’ll help us pay all our bills.

What are your future plans?

There are plans to launch a new music video soon before the release of the full length debut album in October this year. And we are planning to tour to support this album. And then there may be some more music videos. Hope it all goes well.

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