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Arogya, Sikkim

The Wait for Arogya’s New Album to Be over Soon

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Although Northeast India is home to many talented music artistes, but only a few tend to stand out. Arogya from Sikkim have had a successful run so far, and their first album which was a self-titled one was a great success. Their music video ‘Timilai’ has more than 73K views. Currently they are working on their second album, VNe finds out more about what fans can expect –

How ‘Arogya’ was formed?

The idea of Argoya took root in the mid of August 2013 when the founders of the band, Rainjong, Noel and Rui got together. We came up with the concept of forming a Nepali Post Visual Rock band. Later, Live and Loud Records discovered and showed their belief in us by signing us and producing our debut album.

Why did you name the band ‘Arogya’?

The credit for the band’s name ‘Arogya’ goes to our good friend Neelam, who was also the lyricist of 8 songs in our debut album. We took on the name Arogya which means ‘Healer’ as we believe music has the power to heal souls and move hearts.

Your first album had many different elements. How would you describe your music and genre?

We are totally a commercial band and don’t cater to any particular genre. We like to think our music has no boundary in its expression but for the ease of categorizing it, you can call us a Nepali Industrial band.

Your music video ‘Timilai’ has more than 70K views on YouTube. Were you sure that fans would like the song?

We worked hard for the music video and did our best. We were happy with the result but the response from viewers and fans exceeded our expectations! We are grateful to get such a large viewing in such a short period of time and it definitely feels great that views are still increasing every day.

What can fans expect from the next album?

You will get to listen to a new AROGYA! We have been experimenting with new material and new sounds, creating different types of original songs for a new sensory experience! We are excited about our 2nd album which will definitely be different from what you can find in the local music scene.

For how long have you been working on your second album?

It has been close to a year. We have been busy writing, composing music and refining the songs when we were not on tour. We hit the studio last month and are done with 5 tracks.

How many songs will it have?

We are considering 8 to 10 tracks for the second album.

Does the album have a title yet or any tentative release date?

We have yet to name our album but we are planning to release it by December this year.

Any music video and tour planned for the album?

Oh yes, there will be a music video which we will be shooting soon. And definitely, we have plans to tour all over Nepal, India and maybe even abroad, if everything works out well. Fingers crossed!

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