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Fighter Borkung Hrangkhawl

Meet The ‘Fighter’ in Borkung Hrangkhawl

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Northeast’s most well-known rapper Borkung Hrangkhawl (BK) from Tripura is back with his latest track ‘Fighter’ after the massive hit ‘Never Give Up’. In this exclusive interview, BK opens up about why he made ‘Fighter’, which he reveals is very personal to him, and the hardships the crew had to go through while shooting the video in Leh and Ladakh.

‘Fighter’ is on the verge of releasing. How do you feel?

Its feels great and I am very excited to release the video. The song is a little different than my other songs. And it’s my best work so far when it comes to rap.

How long did you work on the song and the video?

I took time to finish the song because I wanted the song to be unique. The video was shot in Leh and Ladakh and it took us 2 days to finish unlike ‘Never Give Up’ which took us 6 months to finish. (smiles)

Your songs always have strong messages, what message does ‘Fighter’ carry?

Yes, I make sure that my songs carry some messages in them because I feel that music is a very good medium through which we can bring change. Fighter is about people judging you without knowing you personally. When you try your best to succeed in life, there are always some people trying to pull you down. And there are always some critics waiting to criticize your work. A good critic is good but a useless one is of no good.

What inspired you to make ‘Fighter’?

I thought it’s time to give my fans a treat with a different kind of a sound which I haven’t done before. I also wanted to reply to my haters, critics and people who judge me. So this song is very personal to me.

You always come out with great videos. What can viewers expect from this video?

Music videos are very important because it attracts the viewers. So we make sure that the videos are good. The theme of ‘Fighter’ is simple but it’s different at the same time.

Anything interesting happen during the shoot?

The shooting was fun. As Leh is very cold, we had a tough time. And at the same time, the sun was blaring bright overhead. After the shoot, we felt like that we were roasted.

Did you collaborate with anyone for the song?

My songs are a little hard so this time I wanted to incorporate something different. I wanted to have a proper chorus for the song so I called Meyinungsang who is the winner of Naga Idol to fill in the chorus of the song. He is a very talented artist. I am sure people will be blown away with his vocals abilities.

Expectations from ‘Fighter’?

I am hoping that people will like the song and will appreciate it. And we all have a ‘fighter’ in us. We should not let people’s opinions or people’s judgments affect us but instead we should just keep marching forward with that goal in our head.

As told to Jadeed Hussain

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