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Aochar’s New Album is Flying off the Racks

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The semi classical duo of Pranav and Shubham formed Aochar and their album ‘New Beginnings’ is selling like hot cakes on Ok Listen. Pranav is a tabla player from New Delhi and Shubham is a vocalist originally from Jharkhand but based in New Delhi. Both classical musicians, they got to know each other while teaching at a music and dance school in New Delhi, called Sadhana, which promotes classical music and dance. We talk to the guys and find out more about their music, the instruments they use and about their much talked about album.

What led to the formation of ‘Aochar’?

The idea for Aochar came together, after a lot of brewing in our minds. The concept is to fuse semi-classical music and make it as appealing to the mass audience as we can. We figured that the classical arts are dying and not being appreciated as much as they should be, this is our way of putting forth the classical arts and help it reach out to the masses.

Aochar band

What does ‘Aochar’ means?

‘Aochar’ is a Khmer and Sankrit influenced word which is a synonym for ‘Alaap’ in classical music. It is basically a beginning or introduction to a new mood or development.

Tell us about your album ‘New Beginnings’. What are the songs about?

As mentioned before, the songs feature primarily semi-classical composition, and by compositions we refer only to the lyrics aspect of the entire song. The actual music composition is of our own and Shubham has had a significant part to play in identifying how best to structure the compositions.

Aochar duo

What kind of instruments do you use?

In the music that we create, we are primarily using drums, bass guitars, keyboards and techno beats and patches which are also running out of a keyboard pre-set patterns to best produce all our music live. The classical instruments we use are tabla, sarangi, sitar and of course the component of vocals also comes into play.

Your album was one of the top five selling albums on OK Listen. Did you anticipate it would do this well?

We did not expect ourselves to surpass the likes of established artists like Donn Bhat and Spud In The Box to name a few. But yes, it does feel good to be up there amongst some of the best independent artistes in the country.

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As told to Jadeed Hussain

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