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A Chat With SNF, Hornbill International Rock Contest 2016 Winner

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Wati, Neil, Imnamaong and Albert are the members of SNF, the band recently won the Hornbill International Rock Contest of 2016. We find out more about this up-and-coming band and the terrific start of their music journey –

Tell us a little about the band members

On guitar, we have Wati Imchen, who has an ear for technical and sonic sounds. Neil Gonmoi, the drummer, never ceases to amaze his fellow bandmates with his beats. Imnamaong Imchen, the groovy bassist, his never-die attitude serves as a constant source of inspiration. Albert Jinger is the vocalist, lyricist, and composer, his skills and experience is an invaluable asset to the band.

How and when was SNF formed? What does SNF mean?

Initially, we got together and jammed for a local contest this year. We have known each other since high school and some of us were bandmates of other groups. We just happened to click and had same musical direction, thus the band chemistry led us on a winning streak.

As for our name, we simply thought that it suited our message to listeners which is ‘Hope’. Our message is simple as our name itself reflect, our zest to search and accomplish never ends but that does not mean we give up once it’s found and accomplished. Our music is inclined towards giving our audience a positive vibe.

How does it feel to win the coveted Hornbill International Rock Contest?

To compete with top notch bands was an honour. And winning not only the title but also grabbing the best guitarist title was an icing on the cake. We are super excited and humbled to be honoured with this title. It is a boost to inspire us to work harder.

How did you prepare for the contest?

This year, there were pop re-arrangement and cover songs along with our own originals. As musicians, we enjoy making music and arranging music. It was a fun process and we made sure we jammed as often as we could, exclusively for those tricky and technically challenging sections.

How was your experience at the Hornbill Rock Contest?

By simply changing our perspective, approach to music and enjoying every bit of the moment we perform, it is no longer just about competition, rather it is about embracing the love of music.

What’s in store for the future?

We want to be the best at what we do and our goal is to find a position at the global music arena. As of now, we plan to spend some time at the studio, followed by tours, hopefully.

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