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New Rapper Alert: Big Dane

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We got talking with the talented up-and-coming rapper Big Dane about his musical journey so far, his latest single and his plans for the future

Tell us when, how and why you started rapping?

I was introduced to rap music by my cousin when I was in 3rd grade, at first I would just rap without knowing anything about the lyrics, but then as I grew up I started understanding how deep the rap was. I started writing raps and poems when I was in the 7th grade and since then it has been a learning process. Every time I complete a song, I feel like I’ve improved myself a notch. I rap because I feel like I can express myself and my thoughts better with it and you know that also gives people who are going through the same feeling something to relate to.

What is your latest single ‘TGR’ about?

TGR (Tryna Get Rich) is a song in which I talk about my state of mind, cause every teen comes to a point in his life when he is confused with emotions and all other stuff and just wants to make a statement. TGR is ultimately the story of every rapper who’s low key struggling to get that money cause it’s all about paying the bills at the end of the day “Tho the lights not on me, but am still awake”

What do you think about the hip hop scene in the Northeast?

The scene in the Northeast is growing real fast. I see a lot of good artistes around. Shout out to the OG’S.  Assam, Shillong, Nagaland , Manipur and every other place, the growth is good. I just am happy that people are actually getting interested in hip hop.

Do you plan to pursue music full time?

Well, this question gives me a trip me every time. (laughs) I love rap and I’ve been doing it thinking that I am pursuing it full time cause if you think that you doing it just for fun then it doesn’t mean nothing. Music is something that I will always stick with, it’s something very important to me.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

2017 is going to be a fruitful year. I am performing for the first time in Assam, Sivasagar on 21st of this month at an event called ‘Inglorious Entitans’ which is the first of its kind happening in Sivasagar. I’ll also be putting out my first mixtape by the end of this year and drop couple more videos. Listeners can expect a lot of music from me.

As told to Meeta Borah

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