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Thick of Things: Caesars of the Green’s Debut Album

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Over the years, Caesars of the Green, has gone through a lot of line-up changes, which is one of the reasons why it took them so long to release their debut album. The 12 track album, recorded live at Bodh Studios, Hauz Khas Village, was finally released on 28th December, last year with a show at Summerhouse, Aurobindo Marg. We speak to Sidharth Malik, founding member, vocalist and guitarist about the album, their plans to come to the Northeast and more.

Tell us a little about the band members and how the band got together

Well, that’s quite a long story. I started the band with my cousin, Simant Mann back in 2011. Since then, the whole line-up changed twice completely before fixing on the current one. I met Tushar and Manish, who were already playing with the progressive outfit, Nigambodh, while I was recording the album with Kartik Pillai. Tushar and Manish were also running a recording studio by the name of Bodh studios in Hauz Khas Village at that point in time. As fate would have it, during the recording of the album, Manish came on board as the producer. During the production of the album, Manish and Tushar joined in as permanent members of the band. Later, Manish got Kaushik as the drummer of the band and we finally had a fixed lineup that has stood strong since 2014.

Who/what are some of your influences?

The four of us have a quite varied interest in music. You’ll find us listening from Pop to Metal to Ghazal to Old Bollywood. Collectively, some of the bands we follow extensively are Neutral Milk Hotel, Blur, Meshuggah, Avial, Jagjit Singh, Pantera, Arcade Fire, Mohammed Rafi, Tool, Velvet Underground and Elliott Smith.

Caesars of the Green AlbumHow long did you work on the debut album and what is your favourite track from the album?

A long time! I started working on the songs back in 2012, the recordings happened in April, 2013 at Raj Bhawan, an old house in Dehradun. However, the results were dissatisfactory. Hence, most of those recording were discarded and the whole album was recorded once again at Bodh Studios in Hauz Khas Village by the current members of the band and after about a year and a half in production, the album got ready in May, 2016. So, it almost took us 4 years to get it done. The favourite track would be Changed.

What is the songwriting process like for you guys?

With the line-up situation that the band had most of the times with members changing frequently, I wrote the songs and lyrics for the band on this album, however the instrumental parts for each song have been contributed by all the members who have been a part of the band. But, now that we have a fixed line-up, the process is much more collective as shall be evident in our next work.

The songs are simple reactions to events relating to the usual matters of our daily life  love, existence, longing, death and they seldom draw life from someone else’s interpretation of them as well.

Any plans of visiting and performing in the Northeast?

Very soon, We are already in talks to make a summer tour happen.

What next?

We are planning a multi city tour of India in March, apart from that we have started work on our second album titled ‘A Grief For Ages’.

As told to Meeta Borah

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