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Feli Hauhnar

Promising Artiste Alert: Feli Hauhnar from Mizoram

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Feli Hauhnar is a talented singer from Mizoram. She was one of the participants of The Stage 2. But what really helped put the limelight on this deserving musician from the Northeast are the amazing cover videos with the equally talented Ruth Fanai. Their mashup video covering 24 songs has become very popular on social media. We speak to Feli to know more about the journey so far and her plans for the future.

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you interested in music

I’m a 28-year-old single mother to a 6-year-old boy, from a little town called Lunglei in Mizoram. I have always been in love with music since I was a little girl but it has only been little over a year that I actually started getting into it. Found a job in Mumbai, to host karaoke nights in various restaurant, bars and hangout places, which I was offered solely for my friendly personality. Being a mother, looking for better pay to meet my responsibilities, I took the offer and finally moved to Mumbai in October 2015. Then I realised it’s a great way to finally get a little close to what I always wished to do, i.e., singing, and started training myself.

Feli Hauhnar Mizo SingerHow was the experience at The Stage 2?

LIFE CHANGING! The Stage 2 was the first competition I’ve ever been a part of. I walked in with zero confidence, when I heard the other contestants singing, I thought my voice was trash compared to theirs. Which of course led to my early elimination. I just couldn’t find my strength. But then, the next few weeks after I got out, I spent every day looking back at what went wrong, what I needed to learn from my new found friends, the comments from the judges, finding the good in my own voice and within a month I could feel and hear the change in me. I have never learned so much from a single experience!

Tell us a little about your collaborations with Ruth. How did it all start? Did you think it would become so popular online?

Honestly we never thought it’d get this far, the response is beyond our expectation or imagination. It was in the last week of 2016 December that I thought it’d be nice to put out a mash up of popular songs of the year. With our busy schedule, it was hard to find the time to work on it but I really wanted to do it so one night I woke Ruth around 3:00 am and said “We gotta complete this” as I had put some of the songs together already, then we got it done in like an hour. We went to a small studio and recorded it the next day. Video and stuff took a little time. We are so thrilled by all the support and feedback we’ve been getting.

Do you want to pursue a full-time career in music?

Besides my time in the kitchen, everything else I do has to do with music. After moving to Mumbai, leaving my son, I told myself, “2 years, that what you’ll get to make it in music. Then you gotta go home” Home or Mumbai, wherever, I want to do this for the rest of my life.

Who are some artistes you look up to?

OMG! There are so many great artistes out there. But John Legend and Kygo are on the top. And besides that, the judges from The Stage who have truly inspired me and helped me find myself, Abhishek Gurung and Sarosh Nanavaty are the two artistes that I love so much, talent wise and everything else that makes them who they are.

What songs are on your playlist right now?

These On Repeat!

  1. It ain’t me – Kygo ft. Selena Gomez
  2. Love on the weekend – John Mayer
  3. Don’t dream its over – Crowded House
  4. Don’t stop believing – Journey
  5. Love me now – John Legend
  6. What’s love got to do -Tina Turner
  7. False Alarm – Matoma ft. Beck Hill

What’s next? Can we expect some originals in the future?

I’ve started writing songs now so yes originals soon and I’m so excited! Currently I am working on collaboration singles with EDM producers from India and abroad as well.


  1. Feli u r the best and i love u…..keep on singing…u have the best voice ever….im cheering on u fighting

  2. Mizo trawng ngei in aw. Feli ka chhuang lutuk che nia. I kal leh zel na tur ah ka duhsakna sang ber ka hlan a che.

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