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Dayglocrazie New Singles

Dayglocrazie Releases 3 Singles

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Pratap, also known as Dayglocrazie, recently released 3 singles namely Prem Dibi, Keep Moving and Red Heeled Stilettos on his official Facebook page. As expected, all three songs are catchy with thoughtful lyrics.

Prem Dibi is a definite must-listen as it has been infused with Goalparia folk elements. ‘ I belong, geographically and historically, to the Goalpara region. And folk music has the power to reach deep into our hearts – because it’s a memory we’ve inherited from our ancestors,’ shares Pratap.

Being a part-time musician, Pratap doesn’t always get the time he needs to release new songs but whenever he does, he never disappoints. Fans would be happy to know that he is currently working on the second set and we can expect more interesting songs in the near future.

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