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Ambush is Back!

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From the very start, Ambush, the rap metal band from Diphu, has been making all the right noises. Their songs put the limelight on serious issues plaguing the society. However, in between, they had taken a hiatus, much to the disappointment of fans. But, unlike the popular saying, we think that not all good things have to come to an end which is exactly why the members got back together to resume the band. They are now in the process of releasing an EP titled ‘Burning Effigy’. They will also be releasing a music video very soon. We got talking about why they took a break, the upcoming EP and more.

AmbushTell us a little about the EP you are releasing next month. How many songs will it have and what are the songs about?

We’ve already done all the primary tracking, and right now, we’re mixing and seeing if anything needs any overdubs. We have included two singles in the EP that we previously released online, and four new tracks and the entire EP is a protest against the corrupt government, police atrocities, bandh culture and all the wrong things happening in our region.

You guys had taken a hiatus in between, why?

Yes we had taken hiatus because things were not falling in the right places for all of us, so we decided to concentrate on other non-musical projects for a while but then we realised that the show must go on and the protest songs shouldn’t stop until the agonising noise of bullets is replaced with the enchanting sound of music in the hills of Karbi Anglong.

Where will people be able to buy/hear the new EP?

It will be made available on various online platforms and physical copies will be distributed during our tour.

If you were to recommend one song from the EP to someone who is a new fan, which would it be?

Rebel with a Cause

What plans for 2017 now that you guys are back together?

Planning for a full length album by the end of the year and we will be touring this summer.

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