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SNF Band Dimapur

SNF Release Debut Single

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SNF from Nagaland comprises Wati, Neil, Imnamaong and Albert. This talented band has been in the limelight after winning the Hornbill International Rock Contest 2016. Fans have huge expectations from this talented bunch of artistes and they sure don’t disappoint with their debut single Perfect Stranger’ which they released recently.

Tell us a little about your debut single and what the song is about?

SNF: We cannot bargain for anything better than how we actually felt preceding to our debut single release. Who knew, the turn up to be that gigantic and we be obliged for that. This song, on-purpose has a little twist to its tale. The song embraces the state of being in oblivion about oneself, falling in love with a stranger permeates the lyric as a metaphor.

SNF Debut Single

What is your song-writing process like?

Albert: I wrote this song a good eight months back, and stored it away and one day, we decided to jam to a new song as we were getting prepared for the Hornbill International Rock Contest. Subsequently, Wati came up with this beautiful intro riff that blew us away. Instantly, I mumbled the lyrics with that original melody in my head, as the music further progressed. The song came to life with the eccentric drum patterns and beats. Along with the sublime bass line, it sounded so beautiful. And over time, we sat down together and made various changes to the song, technical and melodic wise.

Since you guys have been doing so well in the rock contests, people have high expectations, do you think that will work as an advantage or does it add more pressure on you guys to deliver?

SNF: The ideology of ‘spoon-feeding’ is far fetched from our perspective. With respect to the glamour involved, practically, we have to toil hard every day to beat the odds and lay out the best. However, sometimes it can be very cruel but nonetheless, we team up to confront new challenges and that is a motivation that we embrace to put ourselves to the act and carry on.

Do you plan to release more singles this year, or any music videos?

SNF: Another single is on the card and a music video is a possibility. We just need to be patient to find the sweet spot.

Get a copy of their debut single here


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