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The High Crook

Get Ready to Groove to The High Crook’s Upcoming Single

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The High Crook is a blues/rock band from Kolkata. With an experience of over a hundred gigs, the trio is as energetic as their upcoming single, Do Me. ‘It is a track which reflects how the socio-cultural and the political economy of a state affects the lifestyles of individuals at a micro level,’ share the members.

The lyrics are simple but witty. ‘It’s about a dual personality which emerges where he is seen to be giving in to the ways of the society that he was once against, as he sees no way other than bending as the easiest simulation in a fascist regime.’

Anirban Roy plays a groovy bass line complementing Aditya Dutta’s powerful drum rolls. Arjun Mukherjee does a phenomenal job on the guitar and vocals proving once again the calibre of the band which bagged the winners’ title in MICANVAS Coke Studio and IIT Kharagpur, Springfest.

The song’s funky flavour with a pinch of pop rock and punk is inspired by bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Greenday, Buddy Guy, Nirvana and Funkadelic. The arrangement of the song will get you grooving as soon as you press ‘play’. The band will release the song on 9th of June, 2017 under their North Carolina based record label, LMT Records.

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