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Rocky Glock

Rocky Glock’s Passion

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A song is a reflection of an event or incident. Rocky Glock’s latest music video, Passion is an ode to all the experiences that moved him to convert his failures into success. The video has been shot by A Void and Sachin. With jump cuts and repetitive shots, the video has been edited by A Void with pretty smooth transitions.

Rocky’s sound is heavily influenced by the Trap music of Atlanta origin. His unique style of rendering rap in Hindi with a pinch of melody took shape over the past one year since his first collaboration with Har Man. This is the first release from his collaborative six track EP titled ‘Too Young Too Damaged’ with Mumbai based producer Har Man who made all the beats and took care of the mixing and mastering of this project.

Rocky Glock

His maiden EP will be different from his past two mixtapes ‘Rockywood’ and ‘Young Thrilled Desi’ released in the year 2015 and 2016 respectively. He will talk about the lessons he has learned from his dark and bright moments.

His arrangement comprise of auto tuned vocals with adlibs laid over a beat with powerful punch of 808’s. It is a technique which is being applied by only a few artistes in Northeast India.

With his consistent efforts, he has become a known face of the hip hop movement in Northeast India, particularly Guwahati. He is also a member of the fusion Hip Hop group, Rain in Sahara’. Their debut music video was well received.

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