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Jessie Lyngdoh

A Bit of Paradise in Jessie Lyngdoh’s New Music Video

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Jessie Lyngdoh recently released the video for her first self produced track, ‘Paradise Calling’. The track has been produced and recorded with a digital audio workstation app called Garage band. ‘Luckily, there are a number of authentic instruments that I can play around with. Modern technology has made it easier for us, I saw the opportunity and I produced something of my own.’

The video was shot on misty roads amidst overcast weather conditions. It has been directed by Christina Taipodia along with cinematographers Vincent Wahlang and Alexandria Kharshiing. The editing has been done by the singer herself. The song as well as the video portrays an emotional side of the artiste. ‘Not only did I find it liberating to make music but it also helped me realize the fact that pain itself can be transformed to something idealistic.’

The melody features simple guitar riffs along with keys and traditional stringed instruments. However, there is no drums. ‘As you listen, you will find me sing less and the focus being more on the instruments. That is because those are my deepest feelings that I have conceived through each dramatic play.’

The juxtaposition of the shots with mesmerising landscapes located on the outskirts of Shillong has been well executed to complement the music. The singer is seen exploring the beauty of nature, and admiring the serenity that surrounds her. ‘The sphere of belongingness, according to me, exists in another parallel universe and that is what I seek for in the music video.’

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