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We All Need to Take Lessons from Digital Suicide to Make Epic Videos on Zero Budget

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Digital Suicide’s new music video, ‘Paint Me Dry’, is a must watch. The band proves that making epic videos that gets everyone talking can be done without a penny in your pocket.

The overall arrangement of the song is super groovy. ‘The meaning behind the song though I think is best left to the listener’s imagination’ says Daniel Langthasa who is on the guitar and vocals. Dpak Borah is on bass guitars and Ratan Bordoloi on drums.

The song was recorded live without any programming at Lucid Recess Studio back in 2010. It was released as part of their debut EP called Demo. ‘It was an underground cult release at that time, but we never released it to a larger audience, like we always do with our music.’

Daniel edited the video himself after watching a clip that he found on popular social media site Facebook. ‘I felt it captured the essence of what this song is about. We have all become slaves to commercialised religion and it’s ironical that we actually seek freedom but end up becoming prisoners.’

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