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Searomantics’ Happy-Sad Playlist for the Weekend

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In the summer of 2016, the indie-electronica band, Searomantics took shape. It started as Priyanuj Mazumdar’s solo project. ‘I had gone for a week-long vacation with some of my best buddies, and it so happened that while travelling back from Majuli to Dibrugarh, I was suddenly hit by a bout of rejuvenated inspiration courtesy of the endless skies, vast stretches of infinite mountains and trees, and the general atmosphere of unhinged freedom. I knew that I had to put all of these beautifully inspired feelings into sounds.’

The Starting Phase

Priyanuj, who has been a member of an almost-defunct Black Metal band, ‘Abhishapta Samadhi’ wanted to channelize his new found love for electronica through music. ‘I started working on some new tunes, which was mostly ambient driven stuff with some pop melodies sprinkled here and there.’ As he was on the verge of completing a couple of tracks, things took an interesting turn when he called his high school friend, Aru Tisso to collaborate with him. The two friends started arranging compositions and melodies for their debut EP with Priyanuj on the vocals, synths and production and Aru on the synths.

The Debut EP

After a rigorous process of re-writing and brainstorming, they released, ‘Forgive Me, I’m A Dreamer’ the duo’s debut EP. The three track EP was an introduction to the band’s ‘Happy-Sad Pop’ as they like to call it. It is a mix of ethereal synth-pop looped over raw drum patterns, bringing to life the vocalist’s interpretation of late-night romance. ‘We get inspired by the tiniest of things; maybe a leaf falling from a tree, or an army of birds shooting across the sky, or an underprivileged kid working hard to support himself. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look. Nature and human relationships have been the two constant sources of inspiration, however.’

From a Duo to a Band

Their project expanded into a complete band after Manash Saikia joined them on guitars and bass and Nong Eh Teron on drums in May this year. The band is yet to experience the thrill of performing live together, however all of the members have performed live via different projects they had been part of in the past. ‘I think we unanimously love being on the stage. The vibe, the energy, the people’s reactions; everything makes you feel alive and human. On the other hand, being in a studio is a lot more confined but then creating and conjuring up your own magic is a different feeling altogether.’

The Dream

Most independent artistes in India are part-time musicians and part-time students, employees or job seekers. It is next to impossible for an independent musician to survive on music defying the mainstream. Such is their case too. ‘Keeping an independent band together requires a monumental amount of effort, energy and luck. All our members are pursuing their education in different parts of the country, finding time to sit down together and make things happen in the limited time span we get is daunting. Moreover, financial constraints and family commitments many a times hinder our progress.’ But the band’s passion has kept them united. ‘The dream man, the big dream to connect with people’s lives in an era of major disconnect is what is keeping us together.’

The band and their music is definitely not one to sleep on. They will be releasing the music video of their new single soon. It will incorporate elements of post-rock and ambient to funk and local folk instruments. ‘Hopefully, we will make better and consistent music, go live, connect with more people, gain a sizeable audience and have beautiful ladies drooling all over us, just kidding! Do check out our music on Bandcamp, download it for free and share it with your friends. That’s how the magic of music will spread.’

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