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Have You Found Your True Calling Yet?

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Khudi is the latest music video by The Local Train. ‘Khudi talks about the passionate struggle one endures while in search of their true calling. It embodies the drive and determination that relentlessly pushes you towards your dreams. While the struggle is real and unique for every individual, the internal turmoil is an inherent part of the process. Every individual who fights for his dreams has to carve his own path in his search to understand himself and the values that define him best,’ shares the band.

The video depicts a common individual trying to find an escape from a monotonous life and how he takes the plunge into living his dreams. ‘The video aims at portraying the primal rush we feel while pursuing what we deeply desire.’

Arjun Mathur, who is an acclaimed actor known for his edgy roles in movies like ‘Luck By Chance’and ‘My Name Is Khan’, is seen playing the role of the protagonist. He plays the role of an ordinary guy who dreams of escaping the struggles of everyday life.

The band also spoke at length about all the help they got from producer Gaurav Dhingra (Jungle Book Entertainment), creative producer/editor, Shreyas Beltangdy who is known for his editing work in Eristoff & MTV’s Bring On The Night and the highly-acclaimed music travelogue – The Dewarists.

The video has been directed by Vijesh Rajan, best known for the title sequence of Angry Indian Goddesses, which was featured in the top ten title sequences in the world in 2015.

The Local Train
Photo: Monish Bhatt

The Local Train has grown into one of the most sought after bands in the country. They were adjudged as the number one rock act in the country in 2015 by Sennheiser. They released their debut album in 2015 which went on to become one of the highest selling independent albums and was featured amongst the most streamed albums on Apple music. The band has already hit the drawing board towards their second album scheduled for a launch in September 2017 with two more video singles lined up for release in July and August.

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