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Rainforest Records

Rainforest Records’ Electronic-Folk Weekend Playlist

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Rainforest Records is a DJ/producer duo from Assam. Despite being next door neighbours, they came to know about each other’s interest only through social media. Soon, they began experimenting with music. ‘We spend hours working on our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), discussing about plug-ins, listening to songs and learning techniques to design our own sound. Initially, it was very complicated but eventually Youtube tutorials and forums made it easier for us to get into production.’

They are fond of fusing folk elements with urban rhythms and patterns, which they termed as folktronica. ‘We came up with an idea to blend Assamese songs with electronic music and bring forth different emotions through music.’ The duo of Abhi Saikia and Biraj Saikia has released two tracks so far. One song is a remix of the late veteran singer, Bhupen Hazarika’s Chiro Jugomiya and the other is a remix Papon’s Tumarai Jaan. They are quite eager to make samples from folk music of Northeast India. ‘This will make our songs unique and will also be the signature of our band.’

They are yet to perform live together as a band, but as individual artistes, they have performed in college festivals and parties. ‘Performing on a stage feels rejuvenating. But experimenting with DAW’s to unleash our creativity and designing sounds is fun too. It is also frustrating at times when it does not work according to plan. ’

It is their love for music and the passion to make it big which brings them together. ‘We are serious about what we have been doing and we want to take it up as our profession, because, the only thing we are decent at is making music. Other jobs might feed our stomach but not our soul.’

They are currently working on a single which is scheduled to be released soon. ‘Our future plan is to explore the Northeast in search of fresh music and make a sample out of it to use it in our songs.’

Listen to their weekend playlist –

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  1. Great job done by both you guys. Looking forward to listen more of ur creations . Your
    talent will soon be recognized by all. And ofcourse your perseverance will make you achive your dreams. Love you bro

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