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Street Jam

Street Jam in Guwahati to Celebrate World Music Day

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To celebrate World Music Day’17, tSAM – the School of Art & Music organized two events (Rock on Wheels and Street Jam) in collaboration with Brahmaputra Foundation.

Rock on Wheels was designed to take music to the people. Bands went around the city, playing at different spots across the city to spread the message of unity, peace and cleanliness. The drive started at noon, from tSAM – the School of Art & Music and ended at evening 5 pm at Guwahati Commerce College point.

Street Jam

tSAM – the School of Art & Music, introduced street jam to the city of Guwahati. The concept aims at spreading community bonding, educating the audience on the importance and advantages of following traffic rules, keeping the city clean, and respecting women and elders. The Street Jam organized on June 21 started at 5:30 pm and went on till 10:00 pm.

Four bands, namely Old Delusion, Undefined, Guwahati Lights and The Family Tree participated in both the events.

Brahmaputra Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation is working towards talent development in Northeast India. Brahmaputra Foundation discovers, empowers and promotes talent from the region mainly in the fields of music and filmmaking.

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