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Tamzid Rahman

Into Tamzid Rahman’s Soundscape

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The artiste behind Purva Ashadha is Tamzid Rahman. Born in Assam, his musical journey started when his cousin introduced him to a music programming software. This up-and-coming musician recently won the IRAA award for the Best Electronic Music Producer at Palm Expo 2017. We got talking with the artiste about his music and future plans.

Tell us a little about yourself and Purva Ashadha.

I learnt the violin and harmonica when I was young but never really thought about becoming a performer. One day, my cousin gave me a new strange software for music programming. I fell in love with it. I could make new sounds on it which was pretty cool. I made a lot of errors because there was no one to guide me, but this was also a good thing because I developed some rare production skills that are unique to me.

I mostly sat at home to teach myself the basic techniques of electronic music production. Eventually my growing interest opened up an infinite door to experimentation with sound. I figured out near the end of my schooling days that this is what I wanted to do in life. I feel lucky to have my family supporting me constantly in this journey. After school, I moved to Mumbai to do my degree in audio engineering and electronic music production. Initially I formed a techno project called Blooming Shapes along with two other friends of mine, I am still involved with the group.

Simultaneously, I decided to venture out into the wilder experimental journey of sound and I unearthed my latest initiative – Purva Ashadha. I started with the idea of having musical content that is non conventional yet engaging. This project took form because I felt lost in this realm of modern day commercial music.

Tamzid Rahman

How would you describe your sound?

My soundscape is new, exciting, and experimental. Anyone listening to these tracks will be exploring something new and unheard yet connect deeply to the slightly familiar vibe. These days, time is spent synthesising sounds which sound out of this world, spacey and ambient. I like the way sound tends to resonate in various spaces. I like how every object around us can be used as an instrument, which when used in a certain way emits astonishing frequencies and harmonics. Sometimes I go for sounds that are very mechanical sounding and hard textured. There is a lot of subtle detailing going into the work.

Do you think that the music you make caters to a niche crowd rather than all music lovers?

I would want for all kinds of people to hear what I make because everyone is always an explorer to varying degrees. I believe we are all pleased by new things, and at the same time saturated with what we hear around us.

What is the response you have got so far?

So far, I have received great feedback for my work. Purva Ashadha began only a few months ago, and some tracks were played at a gig, so I am looking forward to more. But one of my main intentions is to create plenty of resources for myself and work on things that are remotely associated with sound. The project has had a lot of positive support from artistes I look up to like, Aghori Tantric, Flypsnd etc. The music video for my Single ‘Yaama’ also garnered a lot of love and respect.

Future plans?

A lot of single releases, and music videos. I released a new single called Spectre along with Gag Digital Records, the second one called Metatron Eclipse from Sonic Tantra Records will be released soon.

I am also developing a creative concept for a live event which I will be disclosing when I am close to executing it. I also have an endeavour to communicate to the whole musical community; that is to be a bit more conscious about things we are doing, what music are we hearing and playing and not which drug we are taking.

I want all of us to be conscious about life, future and rise against all the horrible things happening in our society and country. I want everyone in my fraternity to be responsible real artistes and human beings. For myself, I wish, in the future there is more acceptance towards people like me, who are venturing into this world of sound and bringing it to my country and fans.

As told to Meeta Borah


  1. I have been listening to this artist for a long time. His music is beyond my comprehension as he creates unique ways of laying out sonic elements that sound good to my ears.I Have great expectations for this artist and wish him luck in his wonderful journey.

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