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Blue Temptation

Blue Temptation Set To Release New EP

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Blue Temptation was formed in 2010 when the trio played for the first time at the first edition of the Meghalaya Icon. ‘We got into the finals and received a lot of motivation and advice to keep going.’

The band mates grew up jamming together in church. Guitarist and vocalist, Gregory Nongrum is a final semester post graduate student pursuing journalism. He is also part of the band, Summersalt. Shepherd Najiar is also a full time session musician besides being part of Blue Temptation. He has worked with the likes of Soulmate, Lou Majaw, and Lavender Groove (with Andrea Tariang). He was also the winner of the Axe Blues guitarist of the year in 2012. Bassist and vocalist, Nathan has played with many artistes in the past. He was also on the roster of the International Jazz Festival in 2012. A music graduate, Nathan makes sure the band does not make any mistakes theoretically.


The song Ramblin on from their live EP was voted as one of Rolling Stones’ Top Ten Singles in 2015. ‘We were all big believers of live music. We had seen a lot of upcoming bands from Shillong but none of them had ever done anything like that before. We decided to be the first to record a collection of songs, have it on video and release it like that, as a package. We spoke to Julius Basiawmoit from Prodigy Studios and he was keen on the project even though he understood the challenges of recording live. After that, we brought in Kenny Khongsdier and El Dhar, good friends of ours, and we entrusted them with the video.’

The band shares that the recording and releasing session was a life changing experience. ‘We learned a lot from all the hassles, problems, disagreements, decision-making dilemmas and we grew a lot.’

Blue TemptationSTAGE LIFE

The members have had some memorable experiences on stage. They have played at numerous festivals like Bacardi Nh7 Weekender 2016, and Himalayan Blues Festival 2015. ‘Our first ever Recovery Friday was a thing of beauty, we broke the attendance record in Cloud9 that might still stand today. We had Sam Shullai on drums and Manavon Massar on keys with us. Club/pub gigs are always energetic because of the close interaction with the crowd. Besides that, our gig with RG Lyngdoh and Sam Shullai (the two Mojo legends) in CALM Festival 2015 was also a special one. We also loved performing at Shine A Light 2016, it was the most picturesque festival we’ve ever been to.’


Blue Temptation’s new EP will be released this autumn or early winter. It aims to capture their vision of the future and will also mark their progress. ‘The upcoming EP, which is being recorded right as we speak, will have Vincent Tariang (Soulmate) on drums, Manavon Massar (Dewdrops, Riddim Funktion) on keys and we’ve got little cameos from a host of other guys. You will hear all sorts of styles in the EP but they will all revolve around a common sound, a sound we can hopefully call our own.’

‘Blue Temptation began being a self explanatory band name, the temptation to play the blues. However even though our music has the blues written all over it, we’ve found our sound to have many more elements, Blue Temptation then stuck as a definition of our sound. Honestly, we also think the name sounds cool!’

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