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Banrap Lyngdoh

Banrap Lyngdoh Releases New Single

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The new single of Shillong-based rapper, Banrap Lyngdoh, expresses all the emotions experienced by a frustrated college dropout. Of course, like a lion in the jungle, the artiste takes pride in himself and his decisions.

Apart from being a rapper, Banrap is also a skilled photographer and cinematographer. The rapper can also bust out epic moves when on the dance floor. He frequently does photo and video shoots with the dancing fraternity of Shillong.

Adope of Clouds is his first attempt at music production and the rapper has done an impressive job. ‘My own beat, but I killed it’ and we can’t disagree with him on that. He went hard on the lyrics and let his emotions flow. In the song, he sends a message to all the critics making it very clear that nothing and nobody can keep him from reaching for his dreams. Although the song is primarily in English, Banrap also raps a few lines in his mother tongue, Khasi.

The rapper mentions in the song that this is his comeback, so we expect to hear more such exciting songs in the future as well.

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