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David Thangjam

David Thangjam Releases Three-Track Untitled EP

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David Thangjam writes music almost every alternate day, but there are a lot of songs that have not made into the recently released three-track untitled EP because he does not want to take them live yet.

‘This EP is more of an experiment with different styles of music genre and production. It is a huge step and improvement for me. Super happy about how it turned out!’

Each track in the EP has a different emotion. All the music has been digitally produced by the artiste himself using Ableton Live 9 suite. ‘As for lyrics, most of my songs are based on my own life experiences.’ The content and the composition is very commercially appealing and one can easily relate to the stories being narrated through the songs. ‘The music mainly starts with a simple piano chord or maybe a guitar chord and everything takes a step up from that!’

There is a lot of fresh music that the artiste has been working on. But he is not sure about when and how to release them. ‘I am writing new songs every couple of days so new music will be out soon for sure. Right now, I plan to stick on studio stuff.’

By Mrinal Paul

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