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Vibes Northeast Déjà Vu Series: Lain Heringman

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Originally from Spain, Lain grew up in a tiny village in the UK where he started learning piano, harpsichord and the recorder at a young age. He specialized in early western classical music and pursued his studies at Trinity College of Music in London for several years before transferring to the music conservatory at Indiana University in the USA. Despite his early western classical training, he was inspired by a wide variety of genres ranging from hip-hop to renaissance and baroque western classical music to punk rock, Latin music and EDM. ‘I’ve had the opportunity to perform in the USA, Europe and Asia, and aside from my music I’m also a social entrepreneur and have an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics.’

Although he studied and performed western classical music from a young age, he just recently made a comeback to music after a hiatus of almost 10 years!

‘I was very fortunate to be able to study in the USA and get exposure to many subjects I had never had the opportunity to study which led me to pursue international development. Having worked on development projects and social enterprises in Mexico to Vietnam and in-between gave me first-hand exposure to the many challenges and injustices happening around the world which in a way led me full circle back to music!’ He started writing poetry recently and was exploring how he might be able to try to combine all his passions. ‘So after being introduced, by a mutual friend, to Rocky Glock, we clicked and the conscious hip-hop fusion outfit Rain in Sahara was born.’

For our new Déjà Vu series, Lain recollects the first concert he attended in India.

The first Indian artiste you met?
Ska Vengers

Where did you meet the artiste?
Cafe Hendrix, Guwahati. I know the bassist from our childhood days abroad and hadn’t seen him in over 15 years, so it was great to reconnect! I think this was also one of the first concerts I had attended after coming to India.

What was the purpose?
Catching up with my old friend and seeing the Ska Vengers rock the place!

What day was it?
It was over three years ago; my memory isn’t that good!!

What time of the day was it?
It was an evening concert.

Did you wear a pair of shoes that day? What colour of socks did you wear that day?
Yes, no idea what colour my socks were that day!

Last Note
‘It’s been an amazing 6 months so far for us and our fantastic team performing at concerts and festivals, on live television, writing and recording our material, working with some incredibly talented musicians, and meeting some fantastic people and other artistes on the journey so far. We’re really excited to share the new music we’ve been working on with you all very soon!’

Through the Vibes Northeast Déjà Vu series, artistes from the Northeast share some candid moments from their musical journey.

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