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Vibes Northeast Déjà Vu Series: Dizee

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Peter Kharbyngar also known as Dizee, born and raised in Shillong, is currently pursuing his final year of under-graduation in St Anthony’s College. ‘I love singing, playing the guitar, making electronic music, photography, photo-editing, graphic designing, reading and how can I forget eating? (laughs).’

His journey so far as a beatboxer and a performer has been quite astonishing. ‘It is more than a surprise for me because I did not know that beatboxing can create such a vibe among the audience. I remember once during Independence day celebrations, there was a big crowd at Police Bazaar and they had gone crazy while I performed. I get hyperactive when the audience responds to my performance like that. On the other hand, it is also wonderful making people happy and putting big smiles on their faces.’

He has performed at countless shows, gigs and tours, in and around the Shillong. ‘I am blessed to have been on Meghalaya’s Got Talent Season-1. I reached the grand finale but due to less votes, I didn’t win. I believe that I still won over the hearts of countless music lovers. That was a positive step for me as a performer because it was since MGT that I had found much more self confidence.’

‘I have two favorite performances where I enjoyed a lot – at Soso Tham Auditorium which was my finale performance on MGT and the other one was at Nongthymmai which is where I stay at present. Being a part of St Bosco Choir also boosted my experience as a stage performer.’

Peter tells us about the first time he tried beatboxing.

Tell us about your journey so far.
Well, when I was 6, I had a very annoying loud neighbor who would play the drums. I went to his room once to play drums when he was not at home. It was then, I fell in love with beats. I played drums until I was 8 but had to leave when my family shifted to a new place. I had no drums at home so I used to line up chairs and other stuff to play. Everyone used to praise me at school for being a good desk drummer and I used to win most of the desk drumming battles. When I was promoted to standard 9, our new desks were not that strong. So, I started making percussion sounds with my mouth during free periods. I thought the sounds were disturbing but my friends enjoyed it. I never thought I could do more than that. Much later, I found out about World Beatbox Battle through videos on YouTube, and my jaws dropped. I never knew there was such a thing as beatbox artistes. I started researching and communicated with some international beatboxers through social media. I was trained by a Spanish guy named Musantro through the internet. That was how I learnt beatboxing.

Who was the first beatbox artiste that you heard?
The first beatbox artiste I heard was a well known French Beatboxer, Eklips. He’s not like modern beatboxers, he is into old school and classic beats. He is my inspiration. My other inspiration would be J-Flo, a former American Beatbox Champion.

When was the first time you performed as a beatboxer?
My first performance was not an individual performance. I had 3 friends accompanying me with instruments and vocals. It was on our farewell day in St Anthony’s School before we went to appear for our SSLC board examination. My first individual performance was at St Edmund’s College, Higher Secondary Section during the Talent Fest.
However, I had performed on stage from the age of six. I used to take part in singing competitions.

Which microphone did you use while performing live for the first time?
Well, I don’t remember which brand I used for the first time; I believe it was Ahuja. I was never concerned about microphones and its sound initially. But now, I have realized that the microphone and sound is important for a good performance.

How did it feel after showcasing beatbox for the first time? How did the people/audience react?
The reaction I got the first time was unexpected. One of my teachers cried after my performance and I got a lot of praises from my friends too. The response I got from the crowd and audience was astounding. The audience was silent for some time and then I heard continuous cheering throughout the performance. I felt really good and proud of myself. It is that feeling that keeps me going even today.

Through the Vibes Northeast Déjà Vu series, artistes from the Northeast share some candid moments from their musical journey.

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