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Axl Hazarika

Track by Assamese Producer Ranked #9 on Soundcloud Charts with the Likes of Armin Van Burren, Vini Vici and Hilight Tribe

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Axl Hazarika released ‘Trippy Experience’ on Soundcloud in September 2015. It is an innovative mix of sound and melodies that build a captivating atmosphere driving you towards a state of melancholia. Within a month of its release, the soundtrack topped the global trance music charts and remained at number one position for three consecutive months on Soundcloud. It has consistently been on the Top 50 charts since then. The track has amassed a whopping 8.1 million plays till date and is currently ranked number nine with the likes of Armin Van Burren, Vini Vici and Hilight Tribe, on Soundcloud Top 50 global trance music charts.

The experimental music artiste, Axl Hazarika, is arguably the first Indian to rank in Soundcloud Global Top 10 Trance music chart and his track has been the only Indian entry in the Top 50 charts over the last one year and a half. The super-versatile composer started with heavy metal and rock in early 2008 and eventually started making his first Assamese electronic music video in 2015 titled, ‘Goru Bihu’. ‘I love experimenting with industrial and avant-garde stuff.’

Besides experimenting with sounds, he is also playing a lead role in developing Northeast India’s largest government-run digital archive – Jyoti Chitraban Digital Archive, which aims to store and preserve for posterity archival materials of all kinds including music, videos, films, documentaries, texts, and photographs.

‘Before the song was released, I never thought of making into the charts; thanks to the small but global trance community for the support. The feeling is amazing.’ says Axl.

Listen to the track here

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