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Forkaal: A Musical Experience Like No Other

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There is a saying that, every cloud has a silver lining, which motivates people to dust off and move on even when plans doesn’t work out. Something similar happened to five friends, Bandeep, Jintu, Mridul, Indrajeet and Khanendra. They started a coaching institute and they had intended to use the revenue earned from the institute to fund live music properties in the city but the venture wasn’t as successful as they had thought it would, and they felt that they would not be able to turn their dreams into reality. But where there is a will, there is a way which led to the birth of LAC Group.

‘Our firm was conceived with the intention of exploring the depths of human imagination through well-defined concept based live music gigs and festivals. We are solely dedicated towards hosting passionate concept based musical gigs where the audience takes home much more than a normal musical experience.’


Born out of that very idea is Forkaal. It will kick-start on 23rd September, 2017 on a dark night with powerful acts like Polish death metal giants Vader, Demonic Resurrection, Kryptos, What Escapes Me and more. The journey will culminate on a clear sky night on 24th September with Girish and The Chronicles, As We Keep Searching, Dossers Urge, Nicholson and more. The venue is Khanapara Veterinary Ground, Guwahati.

‘We want to tell different stories to you with music as its prime vehicle. We will use science, arts and exploration as tools to showcase different physical and meta-physical concepts that will take you on an infinite trip.’

By Mrinal Paul

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