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Assam Beatbox Community

Assam Beatbox Community: Strength in Numbers

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Beatboxing is an art form which makes use of the mouth, tongue, throat and chin to create sonic vibrations. It is a vocal percussion which imitates drum patterns, loops and elements of turntablism. Sauradeep Ganguly also known as Suave BBx took part in the Indian Beatbox Championship held last year as part of Hornbill Festival, Nagaland. He was among the top 32 participants who were selected from hundreds of entries. Even though he couldn’t win the championship, his passion to promote the culture inspired him to form the Assam Beatbox Community in March, 2017.

Assam Beatbox CommunityInitially there were only eight members. The founder, Suave BBx (Sauradeep Ganguly) along with Spyro (Dave Mahanta), Firozio (Firoz Khan), Pudding (Dhrupad), Rabbit (Tirtha Pratim Das), Limon (Limon Kachari), Vibro Vx (Ayushman Sinha) and Kishore.

‘I first started beatboxing when I was in class 8,’ says Firozio. ‘I saw my senior beatboxing on the National Anthem. I was so amazed. I observed him carefully and I started doing the same.’

Today, the community has over 25 members and are constantly helping each other improve through the medium of Whatsapp groups. ‘We help each other in upgrading our skills by sending audio clips. We also conduct friendly battles on discord.’ The major purpose of the Assam Beatbox Community is to unite artistes with a passion for beatboxing and make people recognize the art form.

They successfully hosted a workshop at St Francis De Sales School, Narangi. They also held a fund raiser event in Nehru Park for Kalyan Nivas, a home for young girls in Rupnagar, Guwahati, under the Indian Council for Child Welfare Association, Assam State Branch.

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