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Alobo Naga

Alobo Naga To Reveal His Other Side With ‘KINI’

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One of Northeast India’s most refined and respected artiste, Alobo Naga, has performed across the world. Front man of the award-winning Alobo Naga and The Band, he is also a music producer for films and television serials. He is all set to release a solo album after a gap of seven years. We find out more about the anticipated album.

Tell us about your upcoming album?

‘KINI’ in Sumi Naga dialect means ‘number two’, which is fitting because this is my second album. The album also has a song called ‘Number Two’. MOTO from Germany produced the album, so you can expect a lot of dance music.

Who have you collaborated with?

MOTO produced 11 songs, and one song has been produced by ANTB guitarist, Lima Mongro. There is a duet with Andrea Tariang, the talented actress from the movie Pink. The album has a hip hop song where I have collaborated with the famous rap duo, BK and Big Deal. Patkai Choir also feature on one song, the harmony arrangement was done by one of the most famous music composer from Nagaland, James Swu.

The audio recording was done at New Life Studio, Dimapur whereas the mixing, mastering and production was done in Germany.

Alobo NagaWhen did you start working on the album?

I started working on some of the songs in May of last year. Basically, it took me more than a year to complete it.

Are all the songs on the album self-composed?

I have written most of the songs but Tuden Jamir, Yanfo Kikon, Rongsen Jamir, Nokcha Naro and few others have also helped me with the lyrics.

When will you be releasing the album?

You can expect the album release by the end of September or October along with the release of iPhone 8 (laughs).

Are there going to be physical copies of the album?

Yes, physical copies will be there but in the form of USB pen drives and not the usual CDs.

What can the listeners expect from the album?

You will get to see the other side of me and my new styles of music.

Lastly, would you like to share anything with your fans?

I have really worked hard on this album, taking risks and also venturing into new styles and genres, but it’s all straight from heart. I have invested a lot of time, energy and resources, so please make sure you buy and support me. Along with the album, I will be launching my merchandise, so make sure you grab one.

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