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Bhargav ‘s Music is a Blend of Assamese and Western Influences

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Hailing from a family rooted in music, Bhargav was exposed to Assamese folk music at a very young age. As his love for music grew, he decided to learn Hindustani classical. Over the years, music became a passion and Bhargav landed in Delhi to pursue Music Production/Technology, Sound Engineering at SACAC.

After acquiring knowledge about sound, Bhargav extended his horizon and started composing original songs. In 2013, he founded Ojapali, a group of musicians aimed at redefining Assamese folk songs. Their performances at various events earned them mentions in popular magazines and websites like Rolling Stone, India Today, Rock Street Journal, Times of India, Score Magazine and more.

After collaborating with many talented artistes, Bhargav has made a name for himself in the local music scene. His detailed knowledge about making music and love for folk music helps him bring something different to the table.
Bhargav feels that Assamese folk music, and music from the Northeast, deserves more appreciation.

Photo: Sam Manas

Listen to his tracks here.


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