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Textures’ Final Tour

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Textures have influenced many aspiring musicians with their progressive and productive sounds. They are even termed as the pioneers of progressive metal. Recently, due to personal motives the members decided to disband but before that they will hold their final tour. They are performing at a couple of venues across India including NH7 Weekender Meghalaya edition. We speak to the band’s drummer Stef Broks to find out more.

From Polars to Last Miles to the Moon, share with us some fond memories from your journey.

Stef Broks: It’s five good friends making music together in their rehearsal room. From there they conquer the world with their music. It’s like a boy’s dream. After years, we were named as founders of a new scene, while we actually were just making music just the way we like. It’s six guys growing from boys, living in a tiny village, to become voyagers who roam the world with music as their message.

What were the consequences which lead up to this break-up?

Stef Broks: It got harder and harder over the last couple of years to get us all together – physically and planning wise. Everybody has new roles in his life beside being an artiste. So instead of waiting till the fire bleeds out, it’s better to end with a bang.

You have played at Bacardi Nh7 Weekender in the past. Could you please share the experience?

Stef Broks: India has always been great for us. You have to know that we ended up here by coincidence. Being at the top of the metal scene in another country than Holland is just something we dreamed of. Although we really worked our asses off, it’s a real honour to have this great welcome as we always get at NH7 Weekenders.

One thing which all of you will miss about touring together?

Stef Broks: It’s definitely driving across the world map. It has been such a great feeling to drive and play in all these places where world history was made. It made us feel like a part of it. Paris, New York, Barcelona, Mexico City, Toronto, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and many others; you have been fantastic!!

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