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Feyago is a household name in the Indian hip hop underground scene

Feyago’s Dhaak Fuses Essence of Kolkata with the Essence of Hip Hop

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Feyago is a household name in the Indian hip hop underground scene. The winner of ‘Best Hip Hop Act’ on VH1 Soundnation Awards India is also the host of the viral webseries Hip Hop Homeland – North East. Feyago has performed at over 250 live venues across India, Nepal, Bhutan and the UK. His story is part of the inspiration for the upcoming Ranveer Singh and Zoya Akhtar Bollywood movie ‘Gully Boy’. Feyago was also recently featured on Hard Kaur’s mixtape. The artist raps in English, also in Hindi and Bengali, depending on the venue and crowd. Recently, he released ‘Dhaak’, freeverse with a music video during Durga Puja.

‘Dhaak was conceptualized on a Sunday morning in the month of February. I was on a flight home from a gig in Bangalore when I penned the lyrics to this song. I had been constantly traveling for the past four years, and that is probably what got me to miss my hometown, Kolkata. The more you travel, the more you begin to miss home.’

As a full time independent musician facing the hardships of making ends meet, one tends to lose his or her sense of humour. This is probably why most of the underground content comes across as extremely serious. ‘This was the first time I tried to write something fun. Life had been kind to me and I was beginning to get very high profile gigs and a growing fan base. This inspired me to try and make a song that spreads warmth and love as opposed to the usual cynicism with which I approach music. I wanted to create something that portrays the essence of Kolkata and blend that with the essence of hip hop.’

The instrumental for the song was produced by Cizzy and Joe, rappers who also produce under the label ‘Streetfood Music’. The beat transports you immediately to the chaotic, hustling, and energetic streets of Kolkata. The song incorporates traditional instruments such as the Dhaak (Bengali drum) and the Shaankh (conch), blending it with a hip hop baseline and arpeggios. The beat evokes a sense of celebration. ‘One must have the feeling of walking through the streets of Kolkata during the Durga Puja after listening to the song.’

‘I had saved enough money from the gigs in order to produce the music video. I met with Ipsita, who rose to fame after taking part in MTV Love School. I also met with choreographers Rahul and Priya, who ended up doing a stunning job with making me groove. We shot the video over a span of twenty two hours, with only one dinner break. After that, I got about three hours sleep and then spent another twenty six hours editing the video. The end result was more than satisfactory.’

‘In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone who took part in this video. The result was very satisfying and I can’t wait to share the rest of the album ‘Folk Rap’ with you. Lastly, I want to thank my fans. You are my backbone, my strength and my inspiration.’

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