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Bhatiyali Xopun

Bhatiyali Xopun: A Blend of Art, Poetry and Human Emotions

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Shankuraj Konwar, the vocalist of the hit single Jolopropat by Rainforest Records is back again. This time, he takes the role of a producer.

Under the musical duo project of Baartalaap, Shankuraj and Maitrayee Patar released a music video titled, Bhatiyali Xopun. This is the second song of project Baartalaap and marks the debut of Maitrayee. The song’s arrangement, production and sound designing have been done by Shankuraj. It has been mixed and mastered by Samuel Bora.

The video which digs deep into human emotions has been conceptualised and directed by Bhaskar J Das. The cinematography and editing has been done by Maaruf Bin Rafique. The makers have added a poetic touch to the narration. Singer and filmmaker, Kadambari Kashyap also makes an appearance in the video. The song has elements of electronic music in the form of fluidic drops and electrifying synth loops. It also incorporates some beautifully designed sounds of nature. The song is soothing and melodic.

The lyrics have been written by Maitrayee. A published poet with a critically acclaimed book of poetry, she is an M Phil graduate in Sociology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Shankuraj is a session keyboardist who play with Joi Barua. He is also pursuing his Masters in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

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