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Su Real shows his Assamese origin

Su Real Collaborates with Assamese Rapper Dekaa

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The maker of Twerkistan collaborates with Assamese rapper, Dekaa to create a bass heavy track titled Mur Gamusa. Su Real recollects, ‘The concept for the song came in October 2016 after a chance encounter at NH7 Weekender, Shillong. I’ve been taking the gamusa with me on stage since I started DJ’ing in 2009. I wanted to represent my Assamese roots, and also, my shows usually get sweaty so the gamusa comes in handy. In Shillong, I had just finished my set, and it involved a lot of waving my gamusa around in the air! After my set, I’m standing backstage thinking – I really need a song about the gamusa. That’s when this young fellow walks up to me and asks, “Hey, are you Su Real?” We get talking and he revealed that he is an MC from Guwahati. I asked if he can rap about the gamusa in Assamese. He said yes, and just like that, a genuine collaboration was born.’

Dekaa, besides being a rapper, is also a filmmaker and is the proprietor of the production house, Just Another Being, which has produced some great videos in the past like Dekaa’s The Statement and The Royal Flush’s Reality. Mur Gamusa is yet another excellent video with a good storyline from Just Another Being.

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