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Celviano AP-270

New Celviano AP-270: The Ultimate Joy to Play

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The new AP-270 is part of a traditional furniture cabinet line of digital pianos called Celviano. It is the lowest price digital piano in the Celviano line. It is available in satin black finish and will come with a matching piano style padded bench.

Redesigned Cabinet

Casio has given the piano cabinet a good overhaul with fewer seams, smoother installation, more piano-like in appearance. Even the speakers under the piano have been redesigned to give the cabinet a more realistic look.

The Piano Sound Chip

The sound engine has been improved along with an exclusive stereo piano sound sample from a handmade New York Steinway 9′ grand piano. The New York Steinway sound has a couple of variations to it which also sound great.

The Sustain Pedal

The sustain pedal and its ability to hold the piano sound out over time and then to have that sound decay and fade out is crucial to any intermediate to advanced pianist and that’s where many of these digital pianos fall short. The new model has more than twice the realism in sustain/decay time of the piano tone and the volume of the sustained piano sound holds a more realistic level before fading out.

The Polyphony

The polyphony has been increased from the previous 128-note polyphony to the new 192-note polyphony. This is considered as piano’s processing power which enables the piano sound to be larger, fuller, and more resonant. It will play more complex music without notes dropping out or the sustain time being too short.

22 Built-in Tones

The AP-270 now has 22 separate instrument sounds. It is interesting to note there are now a total of 7 distinct acoustic piano sounds using a New York Steinway grand piano sound and a European grand piano sound which is far more than the other brands in this price range. The main piano sounds are easily accessible with buttons on the control panel.

New Control Panel

The control panel has changed, the buttons are now loacted on the left side of the keyboard. The piano looks more minimalist and has a cleaner appearance. The names of the sounds and additional functions have been placed above the keyboard so they are easy to find.

Simulated Ebony & Ivory Keys

The tops of the keys are made of synthetic ebony & ivory material to replicate the older real acoustic pianos from many years ago. When you touch the keys, the surface feels better and more natural.

The new AP-270 has many significant advantages in all aspects, but at the same time Casio has also retained some nice features and functions of the AP-260. This includes layering of two sounds together for simultaneous play, as well as a split sound function. Other useful functions and features carried over to this model include transpose, an adjustable metronome for rhythm and timing training, and a 2-track MIDI recorder for left and right-hand piano practice and playback. This 2-part recording system is something other digital pianos in this price range do not have.

The AP-270 is a low-priced digital piano with high-priced features in an attractive traditional furniture cabinet with matching piano bench, sliding key cover, and full privacy panel with features that concentrate and focus on the best piano playing experience possible in its price range.

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