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Diyatom Deb

Being on the Stage Was a Dream Shared by Diyatom and His Mother

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Diyatom has been interested in music ever since he can remember. But it was his brother who got him really hooked. ‘My brother used to buy a lot of Bollywood cassettes, especially Kishore Kumar’s tapes. My mother had even signed me up for Indian classical training. I did attend for two years but then studies took over and I stopped.’

Music came back to his life after he joined engineering college. ‘A friend of mine dragged me to one of the college auditions. I sang a Kishore Kumar song and they really liked it. Few days after that was my first public performance. The adulation I got from people was just staggering. I began to think that I could do this as well. Later that year, Parikrama came to our college and watching them perform changed my life forever. I wanted to sing in English. It didn’t start very well but I persevered and that is how I came to be on The Stage. So yeah, the perseverance worked!’

Fresh out of the grandeur of Colors Infinity The Stage, Diyatom Deb shares his musical journey and making it till the top 9.

Diyatom Deb From your first attempt to making it to the top 10 of The Stage, how does it feel?

When I started off singing in English, I was not doing well at all. But I kept at it. Now, when I am singing in front of the entire nation, I feel really glad that I discovered the music in me. I will die a happy man. I found a way to connect with so many people. It’s just incredible.

How has been the experience of working with/learning from industry stalwarts?

It was an absolute honour to sing in front of the judges. They have given me a lot of good feedback about how to improve my vocal techniques and overall performance. I think I have gained a lot by being part on the show.

What are your takeaways from the show?

There are many takeaways. I met so many new people who are amazingly talented. It was an absolute honour to be a part of such a talented bunch. I learnt a lot from our vocal teacher – Jenny. She really helped me improve my vocals and dynamics. During the stage phase, my mom said that I made her dream come true. I think, for me, nothing tops that! Also, it was great getting to know a completely different side of music. TV reality shows are so different from gigs. It was very educational.

Fond memories from The Stage?

The first time, I was on the set, I felt like a movie star all day. That was surprisingly the best feeling. But getting to know so many new people was the best part.

Favourite performance?

There are a couple actually. I sang a song with Shaurya Singh. It was Perfect by Ed Sheeran and I think we did a very good job. The second was I got to sing a Bruce Springsteen number! The song was Dancing in the Dark and I was so happy performing it. It really felt good.

What are your future plans?

Future plans are many. I am working on multiple music projects in Delhi. Right now, I am the lead vocalist of a Delhi-based blues rock band called Big Bang Blues. The band is working on new material and I will try to bring the music out as soon as possible. The band is planning on a Northeast tour and Shillong will definitely be one of the places. The people of Shillong have shown me so much love that I feel I really need to play for them. I was born and brought up in Shillong. It is probably the best place in India I know. I have never played in Shillong so that will be a dream come true.

I am also very close to releasing an EP with my friend, Karan Goyal. It’s a studio project and we call ourselves – A Passing Glimpse.

Apart from music, I really want to work on something that allows me more time with music. I may consider to teach vocals but at a later stage.

By Mrinal Paul


  1. It is really wonderful.He lives in his won strength and sings from heart.He is bound to be brighter and brighter as days go on.

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