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Best of 2017: Singles by NE Musicians

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2017 has been a great year musically. A lot of exciting projects were released this year. Here are some of the hot singles of 2017 that you should listen to, if you haven’t already.

Jolopropat – Rainforest Records

This intriguing debut release by Rainforest Records has scalped over 300,000 views on YouTube. The song beautifully fuses ambient sounds layered with electronic elements. Shankuraj Konwar’s vocal blends effortlessly with the instrumental by Abhi Saikia, one half of Rainforest Records. The intrinsic sound has ignited a new wave of interesting compositions coming out of the region.

Anna’s Anthem – Avora Records

The Aizawl based pop-rock/alternative outfit has had one hell of a year. Earned a two-year endorsement deal with Sennheiser after winning Sennheiser Top 50, bagged the first prize at Hornbill International Rock Contest and has established itself as one of the tightest acts in the current live music scene in India. Irrespective of your musical taste, the band can get you grooving. Anna’s Anthem will testify to that.

Warrior’s Call – Colored Keys

The song is a beautiful orchestration of a warrior’s call laid over digital beats. The band wrote and recorded the song in their own dialect in order to promote their language and rich folk music. The song written in Chakhesang and Angami dialects, talk about putting on the armour of integrity and fighting life’s challenges. The song is a fusion of indigenous folk and contemporary elements.

Ok Hope – Yesterdrive

Prior to their Singapore tour, Yesterdrive released the music video for Ok Hope. The song unfolded chapters of a new relationship over their infectious signatory rhythm. With cute visuals and sepia look, the sumptuous guitar licks blends perfectly with the visual artistry of Brazilian filmmakers, Leo Longo and Diana Boccara

Phoong Phoong – The Kiratas  

The simple yet catchy tune of Phoong Phoong was created in two days. The band wanted to work on a pop-rock tune and experiment a bit with samples. The song’s video tells a cute little love story in about four minutes.

Tempted – Blue Temptation

Their debut music video and the title track of their upcoming EP, ‘Tempted’ is nothing less than awesome. It lyrically depicts the lingering relationship between a man and a woman.

Don’t Stop – Khasi Bloodz

The torch bearers of Northeast hip hop collaborated with singer/songwriter, Meba Ofilia to produce the inspiring single. The rappers brought out their angst through very personal rhymes. The content of the song is very relatable to third world citizens. The voice of Meba on the hook added more emotion to the track.

Rari – Foreign Flowz  

We all chase a dream. For producer/rapper, Stunnah Beatz, it’s his dream to own a Ferrari. He collaborates with Shillong based rapper, Banjop to pen down his struggles in chasing his said dream. The song also marked the comeback of Stunnah Beatz as a rapper.

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